Frequently Asked Questions by Family Members

Will I be attending all the same sessions as my student?
The Family Orientation programs run seperately and concurrently with the Student Orientation programs. Family members do not attend their student's advising sessions. This separation is the first step for students to learn autonomy and develop the skills they'll need to be successful at UC Davis. By sharing the experience at Orientation, families can build a partnership with UC Davis, focusing on ways in which everyone can support students in reaching their educational and career objectives. Please note that separate activities for siblings or young children are not provided.
What kind of information will I be receiving at Orientation?
Throughout the course of the Family Program you will hear from many campus resources. Please refer to the First-Year Family Program or the Transfer Family Program for a sample schedule and more information.
What do I need to bring to Orientation?
Please refer to What to Bring for First-Year Orientation, What to Bring for Transfer Orientation, or What to Bring for International & National Orientation.
What materials will I receive at Orientation?
Materials distributed at Check-in for registered participants:
  • Name Badge - Includes Orientation Leader assignment & advising appointment information
  • Orientation Materials - Registered student and family participants receive separate materials, which contain their individual program schedules
    • Each student will receive one set of Orientation Materials
    • Each family is issued one set of Orientation Materials, regardless of the number of participants registered
    • Additional materials are not available for distribution or purchase
  • Meal Tickets
  • Parking Permit (if needed)
    • During the designated check-in time for your Orientation session, each student (if needed) will be issued one parking permit only. Do not purchase a parking permit from the permit machine. Parking permits issued by Orientation must immediately be placed in the vehicle's dashboard that is visible. Orientation is not responsible for any parking citations issued during a student's Orientation session.
  • Access Cards to overnight accommodations for those registered for the overnight program
    • Student and family participants stay in separate halls, but must check-in together
Will my student and I receive the same information while at Orientation?
Although students and family members do not attend the same program, there is often overlapping information that is shared in both programs. The Family Program is developed with parents and family members in mind so that participants leave with the knowledge and resources to best support their student throughout their transition to UC Davis.
Will my student have a chance to speak with an adviser during Orientation?
Yes! At Orientation, students will...
  • Receive extensive academic advising and register for fall-quarter classes
  • Learn about the academic environment and undergraduate research
  • Explore ways to get involved in campus activities
  • Meet UC Davis faculty, staff and administrators
  • Discuss important college issues for new students
  • Learn about campus life from current UC Davis students
  • Meet and engage with other new students
  • Have any and all questions answered about coming to campus
I'm a UC Davis Alum. Should I attend Parent & Family Orientation?
At Parent & Family Orientation, you will learn about resources, programs, and policies that can help your student transition in their first year. You will also learn about what to expect during your student's first year at Davis, have the opportunity to talk with current UC Davis undergraduates about their experiences, and meet other parents and family members sending a student off to college. Many people are often surprised by how much they learn at Parent & Family Orientation, and may not have realized how much UC Davis has changed since their own time as a student.
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