Course Registration

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Students Attending Orientation & Pass 1 Appointment Information

First-year students who register to attend Orientation, will have their Pass 1 Appointment (course registration time) set to the second day of their Orientation Session. After you’ve completed your Orientation reservation, you can check your Pass 1 Appointment online at Schedule Builder by entering your UC Davis login ID and Kerberos passphrase.

While at Orientation, students will be provided with information about their respective College’s expectations, opportunities for involvement, and receive academic advising. Participants will meet other entering students and register for fall-quarter classes with the guidance of their major or college advisor and an Orientation Leader.

The university utilizes a “seat release” system, which means a portion of seats are released during each Orientation session to help create equality in course registration throughout the summer.

NOTE: If a student is registered to attend an Orientation session but does not show up to their scheduled session, then their Pass 1 Appointment time will automatically be reset to a date after all Orientation sessions have concluded. We strongly encourage students not to miss their scheduled Orientation session, as we cannot guarantee there will be space in a later Orientation session for them to attend.

Students Who Do Not Attend Orientation & Pass 1 Appointment Information:

Students unable to attend First-Year Orientation need to log on to MyAdmissions, click on the Orientation "Sign-Up" link and complete the “Questionnaire” page. Under the question “Will you be attending Orientation?” select “No,” marking a reason why, and click the “Save and Continue” button at the bottom of the page.

Students will be emailed detailed information on how to complete the activities covered during First-Year Orientation independently, such as taking placement exams, picking a class schedule, registering for classes, learning about campus resources, etc. This information, as well as any other important campus updates, will be sent to the student's UC Davis email account, so the account should be checked often.

The Office of the University Registrar will communicate to any student who does not attend Orientation and provide information about their Pass 1 Appointment. All students should check their UC Davis email address often.

First-Year students who mark that they cannot attend Orientation will have a Pass 1 Appointment in mid to late August after all First-Year Orientation sessions have concluded. If you are not attending Orientation, you can find your Pass 1 Appointment online at Schedule Builder by entering your UC Davis login ID and Kerberos passphrase.

Fall Orientation and Advising

Incoming First-Year students who are not able to attend Orientation are encouraged to attend an individual advising session during Fall Welcome Week with their college dean’s office advisor. Students may also speak with a Residence Hall Advising Team (RHAT) peer advisor, using the free, drop-in academic advising available in all three residential Academic Advising CentersCuartoSegundo, and Tercero.