International and National Program Registration

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How to Register for Orientation

First-year international or out-of-state students are allowed to attend International & National Orientation from any of the four academic colleges, for which they were admitted to UC Davis. Students wishing to change majors must wait until the winter quarter to submit a Change of Major request.

Steps on how to register:

  1. Login to your MyAdmissions page.
  2. Find the “Orientation” link on the admissions checklist and then click on “Sign Up.”
  3. Register as an incoming student.
  4. Optional:  Add any guest(s) who chooses to attend International & National Family Orientation. Family members can attend for an additional per-person fee. 
  5. Note if you require any special accommodations (see section below).
  6. Make sure to click the submit button to finalize your reservation and look for a confirmation email.

The deadline to register for International & National Orientation is June 11, 2018.

All participants are responsible for the information located in the Program Policies and Fees section and are expected to read and agree to these terms at the time of registration.

Special Accommodations

International & National Orientation Program participants in need of special assistance due to a permanent or temporary disability, language translation services, or test-taking assistance during placement exams (which may require advance arrangements) must specify the request through the online registration system in the Special Accommodations section or contact the Orientation Program office at or 530-752-4443 at least two weeks prior to the registered session date. When registering, participants should check which accommodation they are requesting and state specific information in the “Other” text box to provide as much information about the requested accommodation as possible.

During International & National Orientation interpretation services are provided (on a limited basis) for the following languages when requested in advance: Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), and Spanish. Language translation services are offered for Family Program participants only. Be sure to state which language is being requested in the “Other” text box.  Note that all written materials are in English.

Unable to Attend?

Students unable to attend International & National Orientation need to log on to MyAdmissions, click on the Orientation "Sign-Up" link and complete the “Questionnaire” page. Under the question “Will you be attending Orientation?” select “No,” marking a reason why, and click the “Save and Continue” button at the bottom of the page. Students will be emailed detailed information on how to complete the activities covered during International & National Orientation independently, such as taking placement exams, picking a class schedule, registering for classes, learning about campus resources, etc. This information, as well as any other important campus updates, will be sent to the student's UC Davis email account, so the account should be checked often.

First-Year students who do not attend Orientation will have pass appointment (course registration) times in August.

Changing Attendance Status

If circumstances change later, students can go back and change their reservations through MyAdmissions prior to June 11, 2018. After logging in, change the answer to "Will you be attending Orientation?" to "Yes" and the system will allow a participant to register for any session with available space. See the Policies and Fees for detailed information.

Any reservation modifications must be made before the June 11, 2018 deadline (including adding additional family members, cancellations and/or session changes). Changes made before the deadline may be completed via MyAdmissions without any charge. After June 11, 2018, refer to the reservation modification policy on the Program Policies and Fees Section.