Module 1: Getting Started

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1.1 Time to Get Started

There’s a lot to do to get ready for fall. This video lets you know about some important things to do right away.

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Important Links:

Get your Kerberos ID and campus e-mail accounts

Register for Orientation

1.2 All About Orientation

This video shares an overview of what to expect at Orientation.

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1.3 Placement Exams

Important Links:

Chemistry Placement Exams

Math Placement Exams

Foreign Language Placement Exams

Writing Placement Exams

  • While all students must satisfy the ELWR, there are different ways to satisfy it the requirement. Some students will need to take a Writing Placement Exam. See the Entry Level Writing web page for complete information.

1.4 Financial Aid & Scholarships

This video provides you with important information regarding financial aid

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Important Links:

Financial Aid & Scholarships


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