Module 4: Meet Your Campus

Walkers in the arboretum

4.1 Campus Leaders and Helpers

UC Davis is here to support you. Meet some of the folks working to make your experience one of a kind.

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4.2 Academic Advisors

Academic advisors provide guidance, academic resources, services and advice for students. Find out more about their role here.

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4.3 UC Davis Professors

UC Davis is home to world class faculty. Meet a few of them now. 

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4.4 Academic Integrity

What is academic integrity? Why is it important? Learn how to engage in your academics honestly and fairly.

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Code of Academic Conduct

Citation Styles

Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs

Starting with Fall Quarter (October 2018), all students will be required to acknowledge the Code of Academic Conduct for each registered course. Visit for more information. 

4.5 Getting Involved

Life as an Aggie extends beyond the classroom. Find out how to get involved on campus!

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Campus Resources

All done! Soon you will be able to check your knowledge regarding the module content via a quick quiz. Don’t worry – you won’t be graded. The quiz is to help us see whether we’ve been effective at communicating some of the things we feel are most important.