Aggie Advising will provide you the academic advising support you need to prepare for course schedule planning and registration.  By completing Aggie Advising you will:

  • Effectively plan and register for a full Fall quarter schedule
  • Register for a schedule that is appropriate for the Fall quarter
  • Understand how to access academic advising
  • Be aware of your academic advisor's role in supporting your success
  • Be knowledgeable about department/college specific resources and strategies for success

All students will receive an individual appointment with a UC Davis advisor in addition to supplemental advising resources provided by your college after completing Aggie 101. Some departments may require additional advising such as the University Honors Program, the Educational Opportunity Program, or Athletics. It is critical to actively check your UC Davis email account for specific information about Advising.

Accessing Aggie Advising

You must complete Aggie 101 in order to move on to Aggie Advising. If you are experiencing challenges accessing Aggie 101, please contact the Orientation office. You will find instructions to sign up and prepare for Aggie Advising within Aggie 101.

All questions about Aggie Advising including scheduling and preparing for appointments should be directed to your individual college. This contact information can be found on your college's landing page linked from Aggie 101. 

Important Advising Announcement

Incoming First-Year students may have recently received an email from the UC Office of the President about an online UC-wide test called the AWPE that will be offered in June 2020. Please know that the AWPE is not required for entering UC Davis students. We recommend that UC Davis students complete Writing Placement 2020 rather than take the AWPE.

UC Davis’ Writing Placement 2020 has many advantages over the AWPE:

  • It is free. The AWPE costs $110.
  • It is not an exam, but a placement survey that asks about you, your experiences with writing, and your preferences. The AWPE is a timed essay exam.
  • It only takes about 20 minutes to complete. The AWPE takes 2-hours to complete. 
  • It delivers results immediately after completion. Your AWPE results are unlikely to become available in time to inform your fall registration decisions. 
  • It tells you which writing course you ought to take during your first year at UC Davis. The AWPE will not help you decide which writing course to take. 

Register for Writing Placement 2020 on our website as soon as possible. You can choose between four different waves that will run throughout the summer (June, July, August, and September). You must register for your preferred wave 24 hours before the wave begins. 

Course Registration

Your Aggie Advising experience will provide you with the knowledge necessary to understand and prepare for the course registration process.

All students will receive a Pass 1 Appointment (course registration time) from the Office of the University Registrar. You can check your Pass 1 Appointment through Schedule Builder by entering your UC Davis login ID and Kerberos passphrase; information about pass times and course registration can be found by viewing Aggie 101. See Dates and Deadlines for Course Registration dates by college.

Students with an earlier registration time are not advantaged in course registration over students with a later registration time. The university works with the academic colleges who reserve open spaces in courses and release a portion of open seats during each registration window to help create equality in course registration.

Registration Support

During Course Registration, advisors in your college will be available to support you. More information will be sent to you by your individual college.

For technical help with your computing account, contact UC Davis IT Express at or (539) 754-4357.