COVID-19 Related Questions

  • 1.    Is Orientation still happening?
  • Yes! Aggie 101 and Aggie Advising, the first two parts of Orientation, are both completely online. The Aggie Orientation program will be adapted to a format that meets the needs of new students and health guidelines as determined by the Yolo County Public Health, City of Davis, and/or the State of California. We will have Aggie Orientation programming September 25-29. More information will be available on this website as program format is solidified.
  • 2.    What about Family Orientation?
  • The format of our on campus Family programming is also under review in accordance with public health guidelines. We will  have a Family program whether on campus or virtual. More information will be available on our website.
  • 3.    Will the Orientation fee stay the same?
  • The Orientation fee covers all parts of the Orientation experience, including Aggie 101 and Aggie Advising which are continuing as planned! Given the uncertainty surrounding Fall Quarter at this time, our fee is subject to change. As of today the fee remains $595.
  • 4.    General COVID-19 Questions
  • If you have other general questions about how COVID-19 is impacting the student experience visit the UC Davis Student Affairs coronavirus FAQ page: FAQs for Students.

General Orientation Questions

  • 1.    Why is Orientation mandatory?
  • UC Davis Orientation was designed to prepare you for a successful first quarter at UC Davis. As a result, it is critical for all students to attend!
  • 2.    How do I register for Orientation?
  • You don’t need to register for Orientation! Because it is mandatory, you are automatically registered by enrolling in Fall Quarter. 
  • 3.    What if I cant go to Orientation?
  • There may be some circumstances that prevent you from participating actively in a majority of Aggie Orientation. If this applies to you, you can apply for an exemption from Aggie Orientation and may be approved for a partial fee reversal. No students are exempt from Aggie 101 and Aggie Advising.
  • 4.    When do I pay for Orientation?
  • Orientation fee will be billed to your student account in August, and will be due on September 15. 
  • 5.    Does financial aid cover Orientation?
  • Eligible students will receive aid to cover a portion of their Orientation fee as determined by the Financial Aid office. Eligible students will receive a notification later this summer from the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office.

Orientation on Facebook Live

We hosted two Facebook Live events for First-Year and Transfer admits providing an overview of UC Davis Orientation and answer some common questions. Missed them? Want to watch them again? Check them out here:

First-Year Orientation presentation Transfer student Orientation presentation

Aggie 101 Questions

  • 1.    Why can’t I access Aggie 101?
  • Double check your launch date to make sure Aggie 101 is available to you at this time. The launch date for Transfer admits is June 1  which is after the launch date for First Year Students. You will need to complete your computing account in order to access Aggie 101.
  • 2.    My “Embracing Aggie Diversity” link isn’t working.
  • You must activate your UC Davis email before accessing Embracing Aggie Diversity. Check the status of your UC Davis email and Kerberos account here: 
  • 3.    I can’t find the link for Aggie 101
  • The link is included in your MyAdmissions portal. Click the text that says "Orientation - Aggie 101 (Mandatory Completion)".

Aggie Advising Questions

  • 1.    Where do I sign up for my advising appointment?
  • Aggie 101 will provide instructions to sign up and prepare for your Aggie Advising appointment. These instructions are provided in the “Next Steps” section of Aggie 101.
  • 2.    What do I need to do to be ready for my appointment?
  • To be ready for your advising appointment, you should complete Aggie 101. Additionally, you should refer to your College Aggie Advising webpage (which will be linked in Aggie 101) for additional advising preparation tasks.
  • 3.    What do I do if I miss my appointment?
  • Each college is coordinating the advising appointment for their respective students. Please contact them directly if you have any questions, issues or concerns. Contact information is available on your College Aggie Advising webpage, which will be linked in Aggie 101.
  • 4.    I want to switch majors, how does this impact my advising?
  • You must wait until winter quarter to change your major. You will be paired with an advisor based on the major you selected when applying to UC Davis. We recommend sharing your intent to change majors with your advisor.

Aggie Orientation Questions

  • 1.    Who will I be grouped with during Orientation?
  • Student groups are broken down by First Year/Transfer admits, college, and living area (residence hall, commuter, etc.)
  • 2.    Will my Orientation Leader be in my same college? Will they also be a transfer student?
  • No, not every group will have an OL of the same college or admit status. Orientation Leaders are highly trained on UC Davis resource services, and are well connected on campus. They are great resources regardless of their college or admit status and can also connect you with someone else if you need additional support. 
  • 3.    Do I have to attend all of Aggie Orientation?
  • We understand that some obligations, commitments, religious beliefs, etc. may prevent you from fully participating in the 5 day Aggie Orientation program. If this is the case for you, please notify your Orientation Leader on the first day of Orientation and they will work with you to determine a plan to make up missed content. If you believe your obligations prevent you from participating in the majority of Aggie Orientation, please fill out an exemption request form which will be reviewed by the Orientation office. Only approved exemptions will result in a partial fee reversal. 

Family FAQs

  • 1.    How can I learn more about life at UC Davis before the family program?
  • Aggie 101 is accessible to family members through a guest log in. Visit the Families tab on our website to learn more about accessing the platform. Keep in mind that student view will be tailored to their specific attributes (Transfer/FY/International/College) but guests will be able to see all content. As a result you may see what appear to be duplicate screens.