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Policies and Fees

Aggie 101, Aggie Advising, and Aggie Orientation are designed to give you the most successful start to your career at UC Davis. As such, all three parts are mandatory for all students. During on campus Aggie Orientation, actively participating in all aspects of your group’s schedule is expected and will give you the most out of your Orientation experience. Read our Policies and Fees Document for full details. 

Orientation Fee

All new Undergraduate students admitted for Academic Year 2021-22 will be charged a New Student Orientation fee of $582 for the 2021 Fall Quarter program (2022 Winter and Spring Quarter program excludes meal cost.  Students who defer their admission to Winter or Spring quarter of the 2021-22 academic year will be charged $380). Orientation is a self-supporting program, the Orientation fee covers costs including:

  • Employment of 600+ Student staff who serve as program managers and orientation leaders trained to support their peers and create personalized experiences.
  • Engagement and planning of fun social activities, world-renowned faculty, dedicated and supportive staff, and state of the art facilities (such as the Mondavi Center and the Activities and Recreation Center) for on campus and remote programming. 
  • New technologies such as the online platform that hosts Aggie 101, and enhanced features in Zoom to offer an engaging remote experience for students.

The Orientation fee for Winter Aggie Orientation will be billed to your student account and due December 15. 

Some students will receive an Orientation Grant from Financial Aid to assist in covering the Orientation Fee. Check your UC Davis email account or your MyAwards page, and visit the Financial Aid site for more information about how grants were dispersed.


There are circumstances in which you may be exempt from the entire Aggie Orientation program. Students must fill out the Aggie Orientation Exemption Form for consideration if they have extenuating circumstances preventing them from attending Aggie Orientation. Those exempt from Aggie Orientation will be expected to participate in remote programming and responsible for paying the reduced fee of $433. This applies to the September on-campus orientation, Aggie Orientation, portion only. 

Deadline to complete Aggie Orientation Exemption Form: December 1 

Notification of exemption status: Mid-December

Examples of potentially warranted exemptions include, but are not limited to:

  • Exceptions for Serious Illness, Family Emergency or Death
  • Exceptions for Active Military Duty
  • Campus Closure (no form submission required) 

Please reach out to the Orientation office if you have any questions about what constitutes an exemption. 

If you have personal commitments or scheduling conflicts with the Aggie Orientation program, you can communicate them to your Orientation Leader during your first meeting at Aggie Orientation. They will be happy to work with you to share what you will miss, and how to make up vital information. 

Inclusion Statement: UC Davis is committed to supporting equal access and promoting diversity and inclusion. The University will make a good faith effort to provide reasonable religious accommodations to individuals who’s sincerely held religious beliefs conflict with Orientation. Students will not be deprived of opportunities due to conflicts with religious holidays. Speak with your Orientation Leader during your first meeting if this applies to you.